Who Said Chivalry is Dead?!

Well I am back from my blogging hiatus and will be coming strong due to the nature of my new assignments for my Wedding level 2 class.  I have been super busy with dance, work, life and now school again.

To Capture a moment so rare and exciting as a proposal is something I think that more couples should do.  It doesn’t have to be over the top on a baseball screen in front of thousands of people where the potential to be denied and humiliated are amplified, rather something as simple as your friend hiding around the corner (or in the case of someone I know.. in the bushes lol) with a camera ready to help a buddy out.

(Photo from: Studio Sixty http://studio67blog.ca/)
The moment is then captured so even when your mind grows tired and fades it is there to help share your story to your Great Grand-kids on what a charmer their Great Grand-daddy was! 😉

Since we are on the topic of “proposals” what better way to to start off June’s blog with this video I found, that will carry us into the theme of “Wedding Photography” over the next few posts. (I had put the link into my drafts to publish in my blog weeks ago, but never had time too.. hehe!)  If you haven’t seen this video yet, please do get on the band wagon as it is the perfect execution depicting the epitome of romance, creative thoughtfulness and being “oh so darn cute!”

Marriage Proposal Trailer Goes Viral

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