Who is Lemming?

This story has been told many times Ha-ha! And I am laughing now in advance because I can already envision my best friend Lisa’s face shaking her head at me.  In high school everyone has a nick name..mine was Lemming.  So the story begins: I would like to claim that I was a particularly bright student.  I was an honor roll student excelling in a majority of my classes.  Don’t let that fool you though.  I was refered to by my friends as “stunner”, lines usually consisting of “oohh lemming!” followed by a chuckle.  Not “getting” the joke, or understanding the hidden meaning in stories earned me the label of Stunner. One particular evening there was a house party at my buddy’s place. Amidst drinking and socializing I was asked how did I get the name “Lemming”?  I very proudly explained that “see everyone here has 2 syllable last names” and proceeded to clap to the syllables, “Yong-set, Tou-chie, Sol-ski”, and that our friends with one syllable last names just sounded funny; like our friend Brian Shaw, we called him “Shaw-zie” so for me.. I got “Lem-ming” LOL.  Beaming I look around to see my best friends Lisa and Kathy with the biggest screw eyes ever burst out laughing and felt the need to quickly correct my “stunner” moment with the “correct” story!  Lemming! Is because Lemming walks around the hallways with her big back back in a rush to get to her next class, head down, full determination! ….Like the VIDEO GAME!…LEMMINGS! Baa-Ha-Ha!!  As you can see now I had the screwface…WHAT?! Ha-ha I thought it was all this time because of 2 syllables!!!

So “who is Lemming” now that you’ve come to understand the name?  I am someone who takes great pride in my work and loves adventure!  I have backpacked all over Europe and other countries, I love dancing and have been with HPM for 8 years performing at the local Carabram and Carasauga events.  I throughly enjoy learning and have been in night school since I can remember pursuing courses in languages to electrical fundametals to my passionate hobby, photography.  I love making memories and capturing moments, documenting life as it unfolds.