School Project

I am currently enrolled in Wedding level 1 photography in night school; for those of you who don’t know, those of you who do and I guess the rest of you who don’t care but have nothing better to do than read my blog 🙂 Ha!  I am finally doing something in school where I want to be doing it and there is some kind of structure to get where I am going ‘and’ they are not just random classes here and there.  I also get a certificate at the end of it all.. w0000weeee!! hehe! My last project that I handed in (besides this blog; maybe I should write some nice things about my teacher here..hrmm.. lol.. good idea!  Rewind! “My great, funny, sometimes on baby brain (yes, she is pregnant) but none the less extremely entertaining” teacher! lol) gave us a Wedding Packages assignment where we had to create a price list of different wedding packages to offer to clients.  I really liked the way mine turned out so I decided to take a picture and share it with the world.  Mind you this is an assignment and not for real! 🙂
*Please note photo creds. to my friends blog “the glass slipper” for letting me use some wedding pictures to make my assignment really pop!