My Shananagins

I am smiling from ear to ear as this picture makes me giddy.  During a field trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens, to shoot yet another school project (For Wedding Level 1) I caught this quick jigg Shannon danced as I told her she needed to go outside in the cold. Shannon was my Bride for this mock wedding shoot. It was freezing and the poor girl had nothing to cover up with; she was a trooper! Ha! Love her!

During the shoot Shannon thew her bouquet to climb a tree!  One of my classmates caught it and then turned proudly to the rest of us to show his super catching skills! Ha-Ha!  Ironically he is the next to get married! 😛

Sadly at the end of the day I lost my first SD card loosing more than half of the pictures I shot of Shannon and Shawn at Royal Botanical Gardens.  This was all I could really recover from the second card.  Lesson learned: Glue your memory cards to you, Swallow them if you have to!  When your memory fades your pictures better be there to prove it happened!!