Man vs. BBQ

Today is the first day of Spring!  I heard on the radio this morning an overcast high of 6 degrees.. Ha-ha! Bring it on!  The funny thing is that I had no idea that today was the first day of spring yet today ironically I had chosen it as my big house cleaning day and now it will be dubbed “Spring cleaning” Boo!  
I have a large extended family and when we get together especially during the warmer months we Bar-B-Q and have huge pot luck lunch/dinners.  That being said now that Spring is officially here I can’t wait for it to start!
I snapped this picture of my Uncle A manning the BBQ last year during a gathering we had when my Uncle from San Francisco was in town.  I for some reason “really” like this picture lol.  Both their heads are chopped off and by my Uncles stance and tongs in hand he means business and those chickens are gonna get cooked!!  
As always the food was delicious and was washed down nicely with a refreshing glass of wine! 🙂