Make Up Advertising

I am currently enrolled in one of my final photography classes at Sheridan College.  The course I am taking is Small Product Photography.  I am learning the basics of Photoshop and had to edit my photo.

I shot these products which were not brand related.  I had to position them in a flattering way which showcased their contents.  I chose “MAC” as my focal brand so I had to remove the labels off two of the products and then touch up the individual eye shadow squares.  I added a the brand and Bam! There’s my ad! Ha-ha!

I made it sound so easy…it really wasn’t lol  You would be surprised how much actually goes into small products and advertising.  It is not just point your camera at it and shoot.
However, Look how pretty it looks….this ad says “you want to wear me”……… have I sold you on the products yet? 😛