Go BIG or Go Home

You have such gorgeous hair!
I heard this a few times from a young man sitting by the pool when I would walk by during a vacation I was on last year.  LOL!
My immediate reaction was “ok pal..for a dude you seem to really, ‘really’ like hair Ha-ha!!”
A year later I am happy to say I have an awesome friend who is not only super sweet but extremely talented!  No presentation is necessary this boy oozes talent and it shows in all his work but none the less may I present to you, Giancarlo Intini! 
Giancarlo is a make-up Artist, Art Director and Beauty Expert whose talents lay in transforming the “regular into sensational.” He recruited me as a hair model for a Salon Collage hair shoot last summer, which was a first for me with this type of modeling.  I was very excited during the whole process and then became extremely nervous when it was my time to shine! bahaha!! 
In the end nervous or not he still made me look beautiful with my Beyonce sized locks!  In this picture it is 100% mine, no extensions!