It would only be a matter of time before something would be posted about my cat.  Since she occupies A LOT of my time I tend to take many random pictures following her around the house Ha-ha.  No, I am not a crazy cat lady *fingers crossed*…I hope..yet..eek!  Her name is Ginger, as she was very orange when my family first rescued her from an empty lot that was slotted to be turned into a fire station behind the local pet value.  There was a newspaper article on how an older man would go everyday after work to the pet value and buy tins of food and go out back and feed the 50 some odd stray cats and kittens that lived back there. It was mentioned that if anyone wanted any of the cats to meet the old man to catch them as they were going to be captured and euthanized or if a kitten brought to the pound.  My mom picked her out she was the tiniest one and a quick little bugger.  Love her! My feisty lil furball <3