Forks of the credit

I would like to take this opportunity to exploit my best friend by posting her modeling debut pictures and saying how she did a wonderful job at being my model for a day last year!  I had a project to do for class and called her up and told her “hey guess what, I’m giving you red rubber rain boots and you’re going to jump in puddles while I do shutter speed pictures for an assignment!” Ha-ha Puddles and suspenders she happily obliged.  I picked her up and off we went to Chinguacousy park, to find that all the rain we had in the morning had already dried up leaving this one tiny puddle in the parking lot! Ha-ha!  Lisa jumped several times til she was no longer jumping in a clear puddle of water but a yucky mud puddle.  Seeing as we had exhausted the park after strolling thru the mini farm we drove up to the forks of the credit to take some more fun pics.  I made her roll around in a field of dandelions til her allergies kicked in.  Oooh the things we do to get the shot! 😉