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 My Uncle, Owner and Chef, hauling watermelons during “Taste of the Danforth”

“If you’re not Dutch, you’re not much” 😛 as my Opa would say.  I felt compelled to throw on the Holland jersey to represent!
Dashkitchen, located on the Danforth is a cozy restaurant serving fabulous gourmet food designed for the on-the-go lifestyle.  My Uncle Andre owns and operates this ridiculously yummy hot spot to which I help out whenever I have free time.  I took some pictures for his website and decided to post some here for your viewing pleasure.  Every year Dashkitchen par-takes in the annual “Taste of the Danforth”, and last year was my first year helping out.  There were droves of people and it was a ton of fun!  The watermelons were surprising the top seller as it was a very hot weekend.  I highly recommend eating there one day and not on a biased opinion!  What I can say is it truly has a delicious selection of food items that you will be missing out on!