Carolyn & Mitch Engagement

If I could pick any two people in the world to get married it would be Carolyn and Mitch.  They are by far my most favourite couple!  Super in love and ALWAYS HAPPY!  If you are ever in need of some positive vibes, go see those two!

I have known Carolyn since grade 2.  She is the most genuine, kind hearted person that I know. When Carolyn and Mitch had first met we were still in high school.  Carolyn brought me to Pizza Hut where they both worked, to “check him out” and to see if he was dating material.. Haha!!  My first impressions of Mitch were very good! I thought that he was very charming, really nice and he had a great personality.  Above all he was head over heels for my friend.  From there they started dating; I couldn’t be happier for Carolyn to have found the love of her life amongst pizza dough and pepperonis Ha-ha!

In these pictures I had asked them to come out for this engagement shoot as models for a class project.   I hope to shoot their real engagment photos this year at some point as they are perfect on every level for each other.