Behind the Scenes

Life infront and behind the camera
I love taking shots of what people normally do not get to see, therefore giving you “the whole picture.”
I think that is the documenter in me, creating photo essays to remember and show how or why something has come to be…or..not to be 😛 
The process if you will or chronological sequence of how things pan out.
For starters I was called in for an airing on the Shopping Channel.  A curling rod, to which they wanted my quaff in all its glory, untamed!! Ha-ha! No smiling of course, I had to be “very sad” that I had such a ferocious fro!


After the “Before” shots were taken we went into the process of curling my hair.  My hair goes down to my lower back so it took a little bit of time.  They left a small section out on my bangs to show on air how simple it was.  Then Viola! like magic I went from ‘Sad Fro Girl’ to ‘Happy Mermaid Hair’ hahaha!!

And that kids, is Magic! 😉