Admire, Bestow, Assimilate.

While in class the other day my wonderful teacher asked us to blog about other photographers work.  Oh crap! I thought, as I am not too familiar with other photographers work; except for fellow classmates, who might I add are pretty darn good!  So the search began, filtering through thousands of pictures from the web and photographers blogs and websites… Yes, I could have picked any pictures really to write about but these selections I wanted to be a reflection of the quality of photos I would want my work to look like.  Something to aspire towards.  I say this in the most politest way possible but there is “a lot” of rubbish out there.  Photographers who have the full gear, websites and businesses; yet produce such drab photos and it boggles my mind!  Everyone with a camera seems to be a self proclaimed expert photographer yet sadly they are not.  It is not very good to say the least, and one the other hand I have seem some amazing amateurs!  Sorry, if I offended anyone but that was my rant! Ha-ha!

Here are my top picks 4 professional picks in ascending order!

The Engagement
Shannon Nicole Smith’s engagement photos are the best.  This Florida based photographer does the the whole vintage chic theme very well.  They are always fun and cute photos that make you feel all mushy inside.
The Bride
(Photo By: Audrey Fotografie)
When it comes down to it the Bride is always stealing the show.  Audrey fotografie presents her work as “fine art.” I find sometimes a little too much blur but it works for her.  This photo with the bride in the field has a dramatic sky that is fitting with this Bride.
The Bridal Party
(Photo By: Thorpe – Union Photography)
I really enjoy the style John Thorpe brings to the table.  It has a man’s touch without being too dude-ish!  His photos remind us that the boys are very much apart of the wedding without stealing the Brides thunder!  I enjoy candids and positioned photos that are relaxed of the bridal party.  This style makes the party much more real and inviting, over rigid and stiff posing.
The Bride & Groom

Last but not least… Dave and Charlotte.  Their photographs are pure, delightful eye candy.  They are beautiful and very pleasing to look at. Dave and Charlotte to me as an aspiring professional photographer  are the whole package; making each photograph a genius work of art.  I love the way the couples are embraced in each of these pictures, so gentle and loving. 
To end off with someone very worthy..

I have had the pleasure to get to know Jason Miles personally, while together attending photography school.  He has helped me with pointers, post production and insight into the photography world.  His photographs are stunning and always impressive to me, and always capturing that special moment.  Jason has recently started his business into Wedding photography and I am delighted to share with you some of his work.