Who wants tea and crumpets when you can have tea and one of “Langford Foods” scones! Yum!!

 I was asked to shoot some scones for my Uncle’s new website.

The shoot went incredibly well! What’s more important are that the scones are AMAZING.  I personally do not like scones they are a dry and blah pastry to go with your tea.  However, these are truly delightful and full of flavour and are not dry at all.  They are sold at Pusateri’s and can be wholesaled through the Langford Foods website.
The scones have been such a great hit that I even have a monthly bulk order at my work place. That good; I wouldn’t lie! Taste them yourself!
They exceed all tastebud expectations!


During my small product photography class we had to bring in and shoot an aluminium pop can.  
We had to shoot it without reflection…. Ha-ha! 
I had a little difficulty as it reflected everything!!
In post we had to place it on a white background.
This was the best I could get; not bad πŸ˜›

Make Up Advertising

I am currently enrolled in one of my final photography classes at Sheridan College.  The course I am taking is Small Product Photography.  I am learning the basics of Photoshop and had to edit my photo.

I shot these products which were not brand related.  I had to position them in a flattering way which showcased their contents.  I chose “MAC” as my focal brand so I had to remove the labels off two of the products and then touch up the individual eye shadow squares.  I added a the brand and Bam! There’s my ad! Ha-ha!

I made it sound so easy…it really wasn’t lol  You would be surprised how much actually goes into small products and advertising.  It is not just point your camera at it and shoot.
However, Look how pretty it looks….this ad says “you want to wear me”……… have I sold you on the products yet? πŸ˜›

Katie & Adam Engagment

Save The Date!!
Last year in my wedding photography class I recruited my friend Katie and her FiancΓ© Adam as one of my couples for one of my ‘engagement assignments’.  
Later that year I was able to shoot their actual photos with fellow photographer Derek Kneblewski.
It was a beautiful day and with a great assemblage of people on board for the shoot I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

{This is final photo chosen with filter for their “STD” invites as Katie put it. Ha-Ha!}

Katie and Adam compliment each other perfectly, they have a convivial sense of humour and are happily in love.  I wish them nothing but the best and can’t wait to be personally shooting their wedding this year with Jason Miles Photography

Langford Foods Catering

The latest and greatest kitchen making great foods to grace and tantalize your taste buds.
This Toronto based delight is the next up and coming great food find.  The owner and operator of Langford Foods is my Uncle Andre who was formally the creator of dash kitchen on the Danforth.
Langford Foods will be at Pusateri’s Mother’s Day weekend.  Come and sample the new ‘ready to bake’ scone product line.  Langford Foods’ frozen food’ entree line will soon be available on their website.
‘A gourmet chef in you freezer’!

Martin & Wendy Engagement

My Mom’s oldest brother my Uncle Martin is engaged!
Of course I took this opportunity to use them as my models for my Wedding photography class. 
These photos were taken on campus and turned out rather well πŸ™‚ 
They were awesome as they stood in for “faux” family wedding formals all day long before we were actually able to get to their engagement photos.
I am happy I was able to take part in something so special for them!  Wishing my Uncle Martin and soon to be Aunt Wendy all the best!

Behind the Scenes

Life infront and behind the camera
I love taking shots of what people normally do not get to see, therefore giving you “the whole picture.”
I think that is the documenter in me, creating photo essays to remember and show how or why something has come to be…or..not to be πŸ˜› 
The process if you will or chronological sequence of how things pan out.
For starters I was called in for an airing on the Shopping Channel.  A curling rod, to which they wanted my quaff in all its glory, untamed!! Ha-ha! No smiling of course, I had to be “very sad” that I had such a ferocious fro!


After the “Before” shots were taken we went into the process of curling my hair.  My hair goes down to my lower back so it took a little bit of time.  They left a small section out on my bangs to show on air how simple it was.  Then Viola! like magic I went from ‘Sad Fro Girl’ to ‘Happy Mermaid Hair’ hahaha!!

And that kids, is Magic! πŸ˜‰

Carolyn & Mitch Engagement

If I could pick any two people in the world to get married it would be Carolyn and Mitch.  They are by far my most favourite couple!  Super in love and ALWAYS HAPPY!  If you are ever in need of some positive vibes, go see those two!

I have known Carolyn since grade 2.  She is the most genuine, kind hearted person that I know. When Carolyn and Mitch had first met we were still in high school.  Carolyn brought me to Pizza Hut where they both worked, to “check him out” and to see if he was dating material.. Haha!!  My first impressions of Mitch were very good! I thought that he was very charming, really nice and he had a great personality.  Above all he was head over heels for my friend.  From there they started dating; I couldn’t be happier for Carolyn to have found the love of her life amongst pizza dough and pepperonis Ha-ha!

In these pictures I had asked them to come out for this engagement shoot as models for a class project.   I hope to shoot their real engagment photos this year at some point as they are perfect on every level for each other.

New Toys

I recently upgraded some of my photography equipment to the professional line Canon has to offer.  My little Rebel has done a fantastic job teaching me how to use and operate a DSLR and has come on numerous trips around the world with me!  Since I have quite a bit of people interested in my work I felt this investment was necessary.

My new baby is the Canon 5D mark II.  For starters I paired it with the 24/105mm f/4 (I know not the greatest lens but good to start with!) and shooting indoors is nothing slight of amazing with this thing!

The photo junkie that I am I immediately took pictures with my next available camera…lol… my iPhone 4 πŸ™‚ …. and then posted to Instagram! hahaha!!

Go BIG or Go Home

You have such gorgeous hair!
I heard this a few times from a young man sitting by the pool when I would walk by during a vacation I was on last year.  LOL!
My immediate reaction was “ok pal..for a dude you seem to really, ‘really’ like hair Ha-ha!!”
A year later I am happy to say I have an awesome friend who is not only super sweet but extremely talented!  No presentation is necessary this boy oozes talent and it shows in all his work but none the less may I present to you, Giancarlo Intini! 
Giancarlo is a make-up Artist, Art Director and Beauty Expert whose talents lay in transforming the “regular into sensational.” He recruited me as a hair model for a Salon Collage hair shoot last summer, which was a first for me with this type of modeling.  I was very excited during the whole process and then became extremely nervous when it was my time to shine! bahaha!! 
In the end nervous or not he still made me look beautiful with my Beyonce sized locks!  In this picture it is 100% mine, no extensions!