Born and raised in Brampton, Nicole Lem’s career in photography began about 5 years ago with the desire to pursue her passion by going back to school for Digital Photography. As a flourishing side business, LEMOGRAPHY is getting quite the extensive portfolio. She received her Certificate for Digital Photography in 2013 from Sheridan College. Nicole not only brings a passion for photo taking but also has a love and appreciation for the art. She had modeled for several years and through experience has gained invaluable knowledge by being both in front and behind the camera. With always room to grow she enjoys the challenges photography presents with every new shoot. She works closely with a small team of freelancers. She is working towards having her own showcase one day and has been active in providing the photography for charity events.

Nicole has an excellent eye for this art and with her broad range of education as well as an abundance of experience, she will be the perfect fit for your photography needs.